2022 Release Wave 1: The Essential Dynamics 365 Updates

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Communications Pangea | March 22, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Release wave | 4 min read

The 2022 release wave 1 for Microsoft Dynamics 365  and the Microsoft Power Platform brings new features releasing from April through September this year.

The first 2022 release wave provides more innovations with enhanced functionalities to elevate your business. The following capabilities are just some of the most relevant among the new hundreds across Dynamics 365 business apps. In this news, you’ll find the ones about Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Finance, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, and Power Platforms.

  1. Dynamics 365 Marketing
  2. Dynamics 365 Sales
  3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  4. Dynamics 365 Finance
  5. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management
  6. Dynamics 365 Project Operations
  7. Dynamics 365 Human Resources
  8. Dynamics 365 Power Platform

2022 release wave 1 essential updates:

  • Collaborative apps 

Create engaging campaigns collaborating between departments, people, and apps. 

  • Data and AI 

Create real-time event-based journey orchestration while facilitating moment-based marketing for any business scenario. 

  • Moments-based 

Customize interactions through the customer journey harnessing the power of data and AI. 

  • Conversation intelligence 

Capture customer interactions, get automatic call transcriptions, evaluate the content, and deliver intelligent insights. 

  • Facilitating digital selling 

Showcase the value with selected Dynamics 365 Sales Premium enhanced features, such as sales accelerator, predictive scoring, and conversation intelligence. 

  • Forecasting and pipeline intelligence 

Get revenue forecast predictions, comprehensive views, and insights into your sales team’s pipeline. 

  • Mobile 

Empower your sellers’ productivity and collaboration by working from anywhere. 

  • Relationship intelligence 

Leverage predictive relationship intelligence, LinkedIn data, and engagement signals to strengthen the customer relationship. 

  • Sales accelerator and process automation 

Close more deals with process automation and predictive analytics within a single workspace. 

  • Agent experiences 

Enable your agents to handle several interactions and run multiple apps without losing context while elevating their workflows with productivity tools. 

  • Communities 

Deliver seamless and trustworthy self-service with business and community-generated content, such as Q&A, knowledge guides, and product-service feedback. 

  • Omnichannel engagement 

Allow immediate engagement and connection amongst agents and customers while providing real-time visibility to supervisors into operational competence. 

  • Knowledge management 

Find quick answers for customers while enabling them to self-serve within support portals with a robust and detailed knowledge base. 

  • Service-level agreements 

Track support policies and guarantee support to your customers as per their eligible support policy.

  • Core financials 

Elevate your core financial functionality with automation around end-to-end business processes, improved experiences near a year-end close, data usage for analytical reporting in the data lake, and comprehensive subscription billing capabilities 

  • Globalization 

Get low-code and multi-country content for any first and third-party app within the Globalization Studio.

  • Tax calculation 

Increase tax calculation performance for customers with a high demand of invoices for different sectors within one API call with multiple-document tax calculations. 

  • Electronic invoicing 

Deliver last-mile business-to-government integrations for various countries and regions with one of the global e-invoicing service providers. Extend global analysis with e-invoicing solutions for non-Microsoft country localizations, and allow access to e-invoicing exchange frameworks. 

  • Tax audit and reporting service 

Elevate existing tax audit and reporting content and features of electronic reporting to the company’s level with an evolved electronic reporting into a low-code microservice with Azure Data Lake Storage and Azure Sunapse Analytics capabilities. 

  • Inventory and logistics 

Reach improved resiliency, visibility, and proactivity in your supply chain with the renewed inventory and logistics features. 

  • Manufacturing 

Execute mission-essential business processes with no interruption and at scale with the new release focused on building resilience into crucial manufacturing operations. 

  • Planning Optimization 

Get substantially expanded manufacturing sector footprint and new Demand-Driven Material Requirements Planning capabilities (DDMRP). 

  • Daily expenses in the modern interface experience 
  • Pay-when-paid support for resource-based non-stocked situations 
  • A new Project Operations integration journal to transfer all lines with posting errors 
  • Date-effective overrides in Project Operations pricing and costing 
  • Default time-zone agnostic price on Project Operations actuals 
  • Review and quotes activation and Project Operations external planning 
  • Support expense liability vendor payment in foreign currency

  • Employee development 

Define and track skills to find current candidates or employees with competencies connected to your business needs.

  • Integrations and extensibility 

New integrations and features streamline custom solutions through Microsoft Dataverse to ensure customers expand app functionalities. 

  • Organization and personnel management 

Define your organization’s groups, legal entities, hierarchies, and operating units with organization management. Allow HR users and managers to manage employees and positions, begin the hiring process, and set up the approval process with personnel management.

Please watch the following clips to check the essential Microsoft Power Platform updates that the 2022 first release wave brings for:

Power BI and Power Apps

Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents

The general availability for the 2022 release wave 1 is April 01, 2022.

Besides the myriad of new capabilities that come with the release wave 1 2022, the Microsoft One version policy will allow you to stay modernized with the latest version with no significant investments. It will also empower your cloud solutions with Lifecycle Services (LCS). The LCS covers services and products that are supported and serviced constantly.

Facts to consider for the release:

Production updates for 2022: April 6, 13, or 20.

The two major updates are in April and October.

The expected downtime for a successful update is 30min to 1hr.

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