A successful customer service system go-live for Freshwave

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Communications Pangea | July 07, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Customer Service | 4 min read

A successful go live for Freshwave with Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Freshwave Group, a leading network service provider located in the United Kingdom, has engaged Pangea Consultants to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service system for their network support operations after successfully implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations two years ago.

Our client Freshwave used to carry out their operations with a free version of Trello, a project task management tool to administer support tickets. However, as the support operations expanded and became more complex, Trello’s functionalities became limited with overall performance constraints. Therefore, once Freshwave’s network support team realized their former limited Trello version was lagging for the past few months, they decided to engage Pangea for a robust system that, within a single platform, will allow them to harness:

  • Track customer issues
  • Record all interactions related to support cases
  • Create queues and route cases
  • Create & track service levels through service-level agreements (SLAs)
  • Manage performance & productivity (reports & dashboards)
  • Share information (knowledge articles) and much more
  • Complete integration with the Dynamics Finance and Operations customer accounts
  • Integration with RANmate and Uptime Robot system management solutions

Freshwave has also experienced upgraded customer operations with this implementation that have delivered a first-rate designed customer service solution, seamless automation, and efficient integration. Thanks to these three essential factors, our client can now receive automatic notifications within Dynamics 365 Customer Service, such as network issues or problem resolution. For instance, when a device is disconnected from the internet, Dynamics 365 receives an automatic email from their management system solutions RANmate and Uptime Robot. The email includes this device’s Site ID in the subject line with all the necessary information to turn them into support cases and address the issue proactively. In the same way, getting notified once the issue has been resolved.

With their current efficient integration, they can leverage a modern CRM to manage the site information plus the ticketing system (they previously used Zoho and Trello for these tasks, respectively). Moreover, Pangea’s team also implemented an innovative training strategy to speed up the user adoption and quick learning of the system with customer own data. This strategy was also enabled in a UAT (user acceptance testing) instance early on the project, many weeks before the official go live, which gave our client peace of mind by testing the solution in advance and with effortless adaptation on time.

Major innovations for Freshwave

In addition to benefiting remarkably from these innovations, our client harnesses a wide range of features and capabilities that Dynamics 365 Customer Service (CS) provides, including built-in intelligence, a faster, more personalized service, and adding value to every customer interaction. Some of the most crucial features that our client is currently leveraging are:

  • Service management:

Controlling, determining, and configuring everything related to their business’s customer service. Managing SLAs, schedules, parent-child case hierarchy, queues, policies, and more to quickly track and gather data across processes.

  • Account management:

Freshwave empowers their agents by providing all the information they need using engagement timelines to find customer activity, notes, queries, and posts. Additionally, their information is now centralized to gain easy and quick access to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Case lifecycle management:

They are able to manage and visualize their entire case lifecycle through interactive dashboards displaying general case information, SLAs, timelines, process flows, and relevant information to the case, such as agent notes and customer satisfaction scores.

  • Knowledge management:

Our client leverages their knowledge-based portal where they can easily find the answers to frequently asked questions, articles, tutorials, and guides to improve productivity and customer experience.

  • Insights:

Freshwave now gets AI insights and KPI summary with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. They check performance metrics, trends, support issues, and operational data in a single place —plus group support topics to suggest effective responses based on historical data and more.

  • Management system solutions:

Dynamics 365 easily integrates with the RANmate and Uptime Robot system management solutions, which are connected to Freshwave’s router, and switch & cell, giving alerts of failures in their connections. With this integration, an automated notification system was created, informing the support area so they can monitor and manage operations immediately.

Furthermore, our expert consultants have guided Freshwave’s team throughout the implementation process to prepare them for this go live and leverage the endless benefits of Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Our team keeps supporting them in their operations to make the most of their business solution while delivering exceptional experiences to their customers.

We are genuinely proud to have worked on this implementation with our client, having an extraordinary working experience. Pangea’s team would like to extend our gratitude to Freshwave’s Head of Network Support, Andy Gillions, and Network Support Engineers Philip Rogers and Sam Lewis. Thanks to their disposition, time, and quick learning, we could deliver life-changing results to our client’s organization while strengthening our solid relationship.

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