CRM systems: 2022 Release Wave 2 highlights

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Communications Pangea | August 22, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Release wave | 6 min read

The second release wave of the year is coming! Microsoft has released its new plans with several improved updates available from October 2022 through March 2023 for Dynamics 365 and industry clouds. In this news, you’ll find the most crucial highlights for the CRM systems:

  1. Dynamics 365 Marketing
  2. Dynamics 365 Sales
  3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service

CRM systems:
Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service


The Dynamics 365 Marketing solution brings AI-powered enhanced content selection and increased business units support to allow organizations to reach new marketing experience levels. B2B brands can also hyper-personalize experiences throughout the buying process with real-time customer journey orchestration. Users will be able to:

  • Target 100M customers with up to 300M interactions /mo.
  • Intuitive lead capture forms
  • Leads nurturing hands-off automation
  • New analytics dashboard to align sales and marketing teams.

In order to optimize digital experiences, Microsoft has elevated the in-person interactions of this CRM system solution to make them more harmonious – whether via emails, virtual events, or face-to-face. Thanks to the upcoming release wave, the marketing campaigns are moving to a new sophisticated level of scale, allowing collaboration across teams, departments, devices, and channels to ease every engagement.

Dynamics 365 Marketing essential highlights

Moments-based marketing:

  • Real-time customer journey orchestration
  • Hyper-personalize experiences for B2B brands throughout buying journeys
  • Draw your customers’ attention with the relevant touch point
  • Quickly set up capture forms on your websites and get full creation process guidance with a modern editor
  • Show or hide fields based on the previous user interactions with smart forms
  • Plug in the channels you manage
  • Set reminders to complete call to actions.
Automate seamless handoffs between sales and marketing to close leads faster | Image taken from Microsoft

Data and AI:

Personalized content:

  • Market at scale with AI and the power of data
  • Combine and improve all your data in real-time
  • Segments creation of up to 100M marketing contacts
  • Predict customer intent by harnessing AI-driven insights
  • Near-real-time customer engagement (30s response time)
  • Elevate your monthly customer interactions (+3X from the former 30M contact limit)
  • Develop growth sources across brands and business units with assets, resources, and results
  • Use out-of-the-box campaign and data segregation capabilities to reduce compliance risk across organizational boundaries
  • Assess marketing analytics at the individual region, brand, and organization levels.
  • Increase the customers’ possibility to make a purchase and recommendation with codeless content variations and defined rules to target different customer types
  • Target the right audience and drive improved customer experience with enhanced content variation, chosen by AI related to their profile attributes and previous interaction data
  • Build segments with the easy drag-and-drop logic builder and natural language description effortlessly.

New analytics dashboard for B2B marketing:

  • Track leads running through the pipeline with an out-of-the-box funnel from lead generation to earned opportunities
  • Assess high-performance channels, journeys, and marketing assets that contribute to revenue generation and pipeline development
  • Get a common view of the seamless integration of the business pipeline with Dynamics 365 Sales.
B2B marketing analytics dashboard | Image taken from Microsoft


Dynamics 365 Sales* allows users to gain more productivity while reclaiming their time to focus on what they need the most. Enhance customer relationships and the sales process, make better decisions based on insights, and close deals faster while being able to:

  • Optimize the seller experience with data and AI
  • Combine business and productivity tools
  • Real-time collaboration experiences
  • Efficiently engage with customers and coworkers.

This CRM systems solution’s enhancements ease the transformed role of sellers, where buyers can experience a combination of digital and personalized experiences throughout the selling process. Microsoft understands the importance of prioritizing work, providing intelligent digital communication tools and improved collaboration for better productivity, and focusing on gaining more trust from their customers.

Dynamics 365 Sales essential highlights

Sales accelerator and process automation:

  • Propagate and guarantee winning selling strategies with a new designer for sequence creation experience
  • Assign multiple sellers for different sequences at the same time and guide them to work simultaneously
  • Streamline workflow relying on automation and integration
  • Assign leads and opportunities to suitable sellers automatically
  • Get configurable rules to distribute leads and opportunities between sales teams based on business logic
  • Manage availability and capacity for a better team workload balance.
New designer | Image taken from Microsoft

Conversation intelligence:


Microsoft Teams and Outlook collaboration:

  • Collect data from sellers’ call recordings and Dynamics 365 Sales with conversation intelligence, analytics, and data science
  • Get essential information and insights to lead your sales team proactively and wisely
  • Get real-time business insights on top by capturing every customer interaction
  • Seamless connectivity of customer interactions through Teams, Outlook, and Azure Communication Services
  • Leverage real-time tips, analysis, and question detection during calls to get more deals.
  • Get standardized reports to allow users to understand the sales application usage
  • Measure your team and individuals’ performance by relying on the reporting app
  • Seize the filtering parameters to help sales managers and admin users with different performance and sales usage record perspectives.
  • Link and track Teams chat as activity in the timeline
  • Easily find and search Dynamics 365 records in chats and emails
  • Create collab spaces around sales processes for sellers
  • Sellers can orchestrate activities in Teams
  • Share records via email in the Dynamics 365 app for Outlook
  • Leverage a secure collaboration on live business data in chat and emails

Customer Service

More than customer service, Dynamics 365 Customer Service* focuses on delivering the competencies to boost contact centers’ optimization by giving unified routing improvements (percentage-based routing, preferred agent routing, and most extended idle routing). Harnessing the upcoming features in the second release wave will:

  • Facilitate complex case resolution through collaboration with customer support in Microsoft Teams
  • Provide customers more options to reach out (voicemail, call back, dial agents directly)
  • Deliver a modernized conversation timeline, AI-powered conversation summary, and horizontal multisession navigation.

This CRM systems solution also allows customer service supervisors to visualize analytics on Power Virtual Agents within their Omnichannel analytics dashboards.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service essential highlights

Agent experiences:


  • Empower managers for key operational metrics monitoring, on-time course corrections, and maintaining high service levels
  • Customizable enhanced workspace layout to deliver intuitive collaboration capabilities and to enable agents to multitask on several conversations and cases simultaneously while seamlessly switching among issues without losing context
  • Provide personalized, effective, and seamless CX across any channel with productivity tools
  • Take case context and conversations into consideration with auto AI suggestions for knowledge articles, similar cases, and appropriate similar cases for agents
  • Save time by inserting an existing email template into agents’ emails with the new insert template feature to compose emails.

  • Provide genuine and all-in-one contact centers with a seamless agent experience and valuable conversation insights
  • Harness a high-productivity app that provides contextual customer identification, real-time notification, integrated communication, and more
  • Enable businesses to provide effortless sign-on experiences for live chat and Power Virtual Agents bot integration
  • Enable agents and admins to configure a voicemail box at the queue so customers can leave voicemails when reaching out during peak or after hours
  • Admins can manage and configure rules for customer voice callback, avoiding long waiting time in the queue for customers waiting for the next agent during busy times
  • Enable customers to configure agent presence, availability, and routing rules with the enterprise-grade routing and work distribution engine.

Unified routing:

  • Allocate incoming service requests from all channels with the CS AI models and rules combination
  • Classify, route, and allocate work items with complete automation with the new routing service AI
  • Get rid of the constant queue supervision and manual work distribution and seize more time on your customers
  • Ensure improved utilization of agents by routing calls to those idle for the longest duration and enhance customer satisfaction and agent engagement as they can rest between calls.
Longest Idle routing as a new assignment method | Image taken from Microsoft

General availability of the 2022 release wave 2: October 1, 2022.

*Some of the mentioned features for CRM systems Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service can be enabled for testing in your environment starting August 1, 2022.

Download the 2022 release wave 2 PDF here.
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