Evolving and Anticipating Your Digital Transformation Needs

Evolving and Anticipating Your Digital Transformation Needs 1

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Communications Pangea | May 20, 2021 | Dynamics 365 | Clients | 30 secs read

It has been an exciting few months since your transition to Pangea Consultants. Our team has been working diligently to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding your digital transformation expectations. 

There is a long road ahead of us as we restructure departments to improve client services, communication, and, most importantly, trust. Your trust in us moving forward has emboldened the Pangea team to work tirelessly to maintain that trust as your Dynamics 365 consultants.

What has changed?

Pangea Consultants will provide further visibility into client metrics and delivery success. Overhaul of departmental structure to better align with our client-centric view, technology, and process-based vision. New consultants and developers to expand the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Ecosystem. A new website to serve you better with deeper insights and relevant information.

What is staying the same?

Our commitment to our clients. 15 years of strengthening our client relationships and enhancing their experience with the expertise of our specialists. Our contracts, policies, systems, team structure, and workflow remain in place.

Trust in Pangea Consultants to continue evolving as your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. We genuinely appreciate your support along the way.

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