Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Brings Value to Acorn Health

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Brings Value to Acorn Health

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Communications Pangea | September 24, 2019 | Dynamics 365 | Marketing | 71 secs read

Acorn Health, a company focused on driving autism therapy with ABA best practices in the U.S., acquired Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing to connect their marketing assets, communication channels, and sales while improving marketing initiatives and executing strategies based on data analysis.

As their Microsoft Partner, we understood Acorn Health’s need for a robust marketing platform that could be integrated with Dynamics 365 Sales Hub to improve lead generation and lead nurturing processes increasing commercial opportunities.

Now, Acorn Health can generate segments according to their data-base and their marketing strategies, automate processes to send emails blasts to each segmented target group, predict the best days and hours of the week to ensure high email opening rates, identify marketing qualified leads through lead scoring models to speed up sales processes, and more.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing brings long-term value by generating seamless, trusting relationships with their leads, prospects, and clients, building better customer experiences through personalized customer journeys.

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