Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 2021: Top Highlights per Solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2 2021: Top Highlights per Solution 1

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Communications Pangea | August 04, 2021 | Dynamics 365 | Release wave | 3 min read

The second release wave is coming!

Focused on improving automation, core capabilities, and your business optimization, 2021 Release Wave 2 comes with hundreds of new features and enhancements to help your company ease processes and facilitate your work.

The following capabilities are some of the most important ones per solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform.

Customer Service:

Agent experience: Improve satisfaction in service delivery

Enable your agents to receive customer requests, handle multi-session and apps simultaneously, and improve their workflow with productivity tools.

Agent productivity: Resolve customer inquiries quickly

Boost your agents’ productivity, resolving customer issues quickly by having your chats linked to Customer Service reports utilizing embedded Microsoft Teams, collaborating with other coworkers and support experts within the organization.

Case management: Track and solve customers’ issues

Have a full context of your customers’ support history and track their inquiries, saving time and effort.

Knowledge management: Deliver enhanced customer care

Enable your agents to generate rich, first-rate knowledge resources across engagement modalities with AI-suggested keywords and short descriptions for knowledge articles.

Unified routing: Assign incoming service requests from every channel

Your supervisors get routing diagnostics, machine classification learning-based rules (sentiment analysis and effort estimation), and upgraded historical analytics for unified routing.


Data-driven insights: Embedded intelligence and automation

Based on predictive results, get intelligent cash flow and automation in a trusted way. Empower your company’s financial operations, get predictions when customers are about to pay, forecast the ideal budget, and more.

Improved usability: Increase your productivity

Ensure on-time financial activities, get automated and modernized services for your daily use with upgraded usability and performance across financial dimensions, fixed assets, and year-end close.

Expansion and extensibility: Expand your global coverage while reducing complexity

More countries and regions are added, facilitating global financial usage. An updated configurable, no-code/low-code globalization capabilities are transformed to facilitate globalization extensibility while enabling organization-scale functionality and performance.

Human Resources:

Human capital management (HCM): Expand the ecosystem

APIs integration and strategic partnerships that keep expanding the HCM ecosystem.

Employee experience: Reinvent, attract, and maintain

Expanded investments for the employees’ experience to enhance their workflow.

App unification: A streamlined platform

Connect your Apps through a seamless platform while reaching an enhanced application lifecycle management tooling and extensibility.


Analytics and AI-based content ideas: Create email content effortlessly and effectively

Get engaging and crucial content suggestions from your email editor. AI-based content ideas produce a set of options automatically to make your emails look more professional effortlessly.

Customer personalization: Engage your customers with advanced customization

Quickly generate segments with the new segmentation builder for leads and custom entities. Enhance your customer experience and journeys with Power Automate flows, having more advanced customization.

Customer moments: Empower your customer journey orchestration

Connect with mobile users by sending SMS messages (Twilio and TeleSign integration). Utilize Customer Insights account-based profile data as part of your customer journeys and visualize all your customer activities chronologically in a timeline with customer interactions.

Project Operations:

• Billing agreements with vendors

• Subcontractor resources’ prices

• Staffing subcontractor resources and insights

• Subcontracts management with vendors for projects

• Comprehensive experiences for managing subcontractors

• Subcontractor time and clear vendor invoices for payment to reconcile and review


Call with Dynamics 365: enabled and improved collaborations with Teams

Get more third-party call support with essential business insights. An improved Microsoft Teams and Teams message extensions and actions will also suggest contacts, allow you to set up and security, access sales records, and get automated notifications from Dynamics 365 to Teams.

Deal manager: Efficiently manage your pipeline

Get an upgraded manager workspace for contacts and leads, accounts, visually updating deals with Kanban control, and improvement to instant filters with hierarchy and date-based filters.

LinkedIn and Dynamics 365: Strengthen your relationships

Numerous LinkedIn integration enhancements and quick access to Sales Navigator.

Productivity tools and forecasting updates: Dynamics 365 does the heavy lifting

Enhanced Auto capture to streamline activity, improved capabilities for sharing and visualizing a specific forecast, more admin controls to manage and deploy forecasts, and attribute insights to drive analytical scoring model clarity.

Data hygiene and sales accelerator: Upgrade leads quality

Save your sellers time and encourage them to close more business opportunities with quality leads and accurate data with personalized interactions.

Mobile experience: Improvement for sellers on the go

Don’t miss a detail in your customers’ engagements with the improved mobile experience. Find, interact, generate and share CRM information effortlessly.

Supply Chain Management:

Expand core capabilities: Improved and more comprehensive capabilities

Follow your business’s topology, allowing your company to design its supply chain system, operating on the hybrid distributed topology. Get upgraded capabilities across asset and information management, planning, inventory, logistics, and manufacturing.

Resilient supply chain: Reset and upgrade your organization’s strategies

Optimize your business’ usage of available material to prevent stockout situations, keeping your business flow while anticipating and minimizing disruptions.

Health and execution: Easily integrate new business models

Enhanced discoverability, net satisfaction scores, trial experiences, and more essential efforts while integrating with third-party manufacturing execution systems and production floor execution scenarios emphasizing process industries.

Power Platform:

Power BI

• For every individual: Empower them with familiar and AI-infused insight experiences

• For every team: Empower your team with Power BI and Office 365 integration

• For every organization: Empower your organization to meet challenging needs

Power Apps

• Modern and unified advanced apps: Solve challenges with the necessary apps

• World-class experiences with Teams collaboration: Enhance the practice

Power Automate

• Microsoft Teams integration: Work seamlessly with Teams

• Power Automate Desktop: Softomotive and UI flow customer support

• Power Apps, Power BI, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Dataverse: More than just an integration

• AI Builder: Content intelligence

Power Virtual Agents

• Bot configuration: Meet any organization’s individual needs

• Core authoring: Create a bot with the no-code authoring canvas with ease

These and more functionalities will be released between October 2021 and March 2022 for over fourteen Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions and the Microsoft Power Platform.

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