Sales Force Automation: Microsoft is named a Leader in the Magic Quadrant (2021)

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Communications Pangea | July 06, 2022 | Dynamics 365 | Sales | 3 min read

Microsoft celebrates being named a Leader for the eleventh consecutive year by Gartner’s report in its 2021 Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation. Gartner highlights Microsoft’s “strong product vision for digital selling and its recent product releases” and the number of capabilities that Dynamics 365 Sales offers to any size company to place them in a competitive market.

What it means to be a Leader

Each year, the IT consulting firm Gartner releases a series of market research reports named Magic Quadrant. These reports differentiate and identify every organization as Niche Players, Visionaries, Challengers, and the highest rank for innovators: Leaders. This yearly report compares vendors and provides in-depth analysis, visual snapshots, and actionable advice to offer insight into the market’s participants, direction, and maturity.

Leaders are assessed by their business results (revenue and earnings) and the ability to achieve their vision through services and products. As a requirement, Leaders have remarkable and successful customer deployments worldwide in several industries and great and consistent customer experience levels while demonstrating product leadership. After meeting these conditions, the Magic Quadrant validates the organization by giving it recognition as a Leader among the other positions.

For this 2021 Sales Force Automation (SFA) report, Gartner discovered numerous significant drivers for SFA solutions nowadays, including sales leaders, multi-experience/total experience selling, and sales analytics and insights.

  • Sales leaders

Amid a pandemic, leaders managed to pivot to digital channels to raise sales resiliency and face challenges with innovation. For example, AR/VR integration solutions and selling eCommerce resources to support B2B transactions.

  • Multi-experience/total experience selling

More tightly interwoven SFA, customer-facing, and interaction channel systems to personalize communications through customer journeys. For example, Microsoft Teams interaction between customers and sellers to enhance the user experience.

  • Sales analytics and insights

Vendors demonstrate the ability to deliver additional analytics and insights into the SFA system to learn about considerations that drive deal success. For example, AI, ML, or other advanced analytics technology to glean insights.

Why Microsoft was named a Leader

Dynamics 365 Sales, as a prominent solution for all industries regardless of their company size, provides support for seamless digital selling experiences with an optimized collaboration through Microsoft Teams and other chat experiences. Microsoft has also brought improvements to the solution portfolio, such as:

  • Conversational intelligence for desktop
  • Sales acceleration
  • Advanced predictive forecasting utilities
  • CPQ solution to support digital commerce
  • Seller-based quote-to-cash execution

Microsoft’s strengths for Sales Force Automation

  • Market understanding

Microsoft is known for its constant innovation and biannual improvements (with some updates in between), supporting modern sales strategies. Microsoft’s roadmap improvement includes increased collaboration and remote selling. A clear example of seamless collaboration is Dynamics 365-to-Teams and conversational intelligence into mobile for sales optimization.

  • Sales strategy

The Dynamics 365 Sales solution delivers outstanding results, relying on its industry-specific assessments and benchmarks. To do so, Microsoft does not only aim to support sales outcomes but focuses on business value with a solid sales strategy that supports a smooth digital transformation journey for every organization.

  • Product strategy

As mentioned before, Microsoft’s conversational intelligence release has upped the sales business. Microsoft keeps developing AI-based products and capabilities, including sentiment analysis and relationship analytics. These features allow the measurement of contact health and engagement.

Undoubtedly, Microsoft continues to lead in the Sales Force Automation market. Its endless capabilities have optimized the sales operations of businesses worldwide and are chosen by many more who understand the importance of implementing a modern solution that brings substantial and lasting results. Microsoft has been selected for the eleventh consecutive year as a Leader not only for the mentioned valuable features but also for its customer-centric service that considers both the organization and the customer experience.

As Microsoft Gold Partners, Pangea Consultants understands Microsoft’s market-leading vision and encourages organizations to adopt a modern tech approach as Dynamics 365 Sales to drive change and optimize collaboration between your employees and customers for significant results. If you’re looking for this groundbreaking journey, contact our consultant experts.

Please click here to read the complete Gartner report for Sales Force Automation.

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