The Dynamics 365 Wave 1 2021 Updates

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 1 Updates

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Communications Pangea | February 23, 2021 | Dynamics 365 | Release wave | 28 secs read

The 2021 Release Wave 1 is around the corner!

The first release wave of the year looks more than promising with enhanced functionalities for your business. The following capabilities are just some of the most relevant ones for the 2021 Release Wave 1 Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

Customer Service

Knowledge search analytics

Understanding what agents are searching for while working on customer issues can improve the content of their knowledge base, which improves all agents’ ability to help customers. Managers will have visibility into issues and can use reports to identify gaps in their knowledge content.

Configuration to allow updates to cases in resolved and canceled status

Administrators can now update case information by using Power Automate flows, APIs, or a plug-in for cases that are in the resolved or canceled status. The user experience on the case form will continue to be read-only.

Improved embedded analytics for customer service managers (Omnichannel for Customer Service)

Traditional dashboards have limited capabilities and provide a narrow view of the company. Omnichannel’s embedded analytics for chat and digital messaging allows managers to identify problem areas and opportunities to improve from historical data, along with Power BI.


Use AI-generated segments and recency, frequency, and monetization attributes

You can leverage Dynamics 365 Customer Insights’ AI-generated segments based on attributes to easily target high-churn risk or high-value customers.

Set business goals for journeys and measure progress to the goal

You can now set specific business goals for your customer journeys and track customer engagement, customer satisfaction, general onboarding, drive purchase and measure the success on an ongoing basis.

Create deeply personalized emails with a more flexible set of data sources

You can now use any data source to connect to Microsoft Dataverse as data for personalization, including lists of data and combine multiple messages that differ only by the dynamic data into a single message for easier management and maintenance.

Supply Chain Management

Expansion of Landed cost functionality

The landed cost feature enables companies to increase supply chain visibility and maximize item profitability. Tracking goods in transit across their journey predicts item costs and reduces administration and costing errors, thereby improving pricing decision making.

Manufacturing execution with scale units in the cloud

Companies can execute mission-critical manufacturing processes without interruption, allowing the warehouses to remain operational during a connectivity failure, maintenance outage, and other events that might disrupt operations.

Track asset usage based on IoT signals

This feature adds new capabilities for tracking the health, state, and usage of assets based on signals arriving from the Internet of Things (IoT), increasing the productivity, quality, and efficiency of assets on the manufacturing floor.


Vendor collaboration bank changes

Setting up bank information to pay vendors electronically is time-consuming. Now vendors can enter their bank information directly into your Dynamics 365 Finance deployment using the Vendor collaboration workspace.

Intelligent budget proposal

Companies spend much time and resources preparing budgets; this can be a repetitive low-value-added effort. The intelligent budget proposal feature helps you create an accurate draft budget automatically using historical data.

Customer payment predictions

Knowing when your customer’s outstanding and specific invoices are likely to be paid can help you optimize collection activities: When will an invoice or sales order be paid? Which customers will pay on time or late? What invoices or orders will they pay?


Automation and adaptive sequences

Improve efficiency by executing activities automatically without requiring seller intervention, such as automatically sending emails when email activity is the next step in the sequence.

Enhanced workspace experience with Sales Insights

This feature provides enhanced experience and insights with relationship score, predictive opportunity score, and other insights for following quick actions.

Provide business insights on top of any sales call

This feature provides insights on top of video calls. Analyze and extract business insights for multiple-participant calls, support answering calls within Dynamics 365, and provide insights on top.

These functionalities will be available from April 2021 through September 2021 for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions.

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